A Book a Month for 2015

Book A Month CalendarIn last year’s Holiday catalog, Bas Bleu launched our inaugural Book a Month program, which allowed you to treat your favorite bibliophile—or yourself, because you deserve it!—to an eclectic collection of books for bluestockings. At the time, the program was something of an experiment, but our readers loved it so much we’ve brought it back this year! For 2015, we’ve carefully chosen another top-notch mix of fiction and nonfiction, sure to please all kinds of bookworms. 

Here’s how it works: You choose between six- or twelve-month packages and decide whether you want us to ship the books all at once or on a monthly basis throughout 2015. If you choose the monthly option, you won’t be charged for a book until it ships at the beginning of each month. We’ll send an introductory letter about the appropriate Book a Month package with the January book. (If you’re giving one of the packages as a gift and need something to wrap up for the recipient, you can print out the letter at our website.)

Each month here at the Bluestocking Salon in 2015, we’ll offer discussion questions, interviews, or other supplemental information about the featured work—for book clubs as well as thoughtful individual readers. It’s the ultimate literary gift that keeps giving all year round!

Check out our twelve Book a Month selections below; you can hover your mouse over the cover image for a teaser or click to read the full description on our website. We can’t allow substitutions for any of the titles in each package, but they are all available for individual purchase, if you’d like to pick and choose for yourself. One final note: We will only be able to accept orders for Book a Month packages through December 31, 2014.

The Monogram Murders  The Four Graces  Liar Temptress Soldier Spy

And Only to Deceive  More Home Cooking The Coroner's Lunch

Bobcat  The Family Fortune Crossing the Border of Time

Neverhome     Land of a Thousand Hills The 13th Gift


14 thoughts on “A Book a Month for 2015

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