Read, White, and Bleu: A Literary Presidential Election

vote buttonUnless you’ve been hiding under a stack of books, you know there’s a little something called the U.S. presidential election on the calendar for 2016. But fear not: We’re booksellers, not political pundits, and Bas Bleu has no plans to wade into the partisan fray.


As with most things in life, we found ourselves thinking about the election through the lens of literature. We began to wonder: Which literary characters would we like to see as president? Who would their running mates be? What would their platforms and stump speeches look like?

That’s when we decided it was high time to host our own presidential election—bluestocking-style. And you, dear reader, are the electorate! Your first order of business is to help us create a list of nominees. The filing requirements are pretty simple:

  • You must nominate a team of two fictional characters. They can hail from the same book, the same book series, or simply a single author’s canon.
  • You must designate which character you’d like to see as president and which character as vice president.
  • Though this is an American election, feel free to look outside of American literature for your candidates.
  • Your submission—made via this blog’s comments or on Bas Bleu’s Facebook page—certainly can include only names. But if you’re feeling creative, we encourage you to suggest platforms, campaign slogans, etc. Have fun with it!

Our editors are still brainstorming our own candidates, but to give you a few examples we like so far: Emma Woodhouse and Anne Elliot from Jane Austen’s Emma and Persuasion; Scarlett O’Hara and Melanie Wilkes from Gone With the Wind; from To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus and Boo…or Scout and Boo…or some other combination you may convince us is better.

Our current plan is to spend primary season narrowing down our candidates to six (or so) pairs. Then, we’ll present the candidates’ platforms. As November 8 approaches, we may fine-tune our ballot to just two teams. Or maybe we’ll reject the two-party system and enjoy a broader race! We’re open to debate!

As for today: The nominations are OPEN!

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