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  1. I can’t find the discussion questions for the Feb. bk, Glimpses of the Moon. I purchased the books for the whole year and got the Jan. info in Jan.

  2. Thanks so much, Sally! We really appreciate your enthusiasm–and marketing efforts!–for Bas Bleu! We featured blue tights back in 2003 or so and they didn’t sell very well. We had a little better luck with our Bas Bleu Knee HIghs…perhaps we should bring those back! If you have some ideas for Bluestocking Salon posts, we’d love to hear them! Email us at christie@basbleu.com and we can discuss further. Thanks again!

  3. Okay–I’ve been waiting for this! Really wonderful! Actually I bought a pair of blue tights several years ago and when I wear them with anything–people say–“Hey–what’s with those blue stockings and then I get to go into my speech! Your blog should definitely mention that blue stockings can and should be purchased (preferably on you site) or though the catalog. I always share my catalogs with friends and promote you as much as I can. And here’s the kicker–i actually work in a used bookstore AND my backgound is public/school libraries AND I’m a book reviewer for Bookreporter.com. One can never have too many you know! Congrats on the blog and if you ever need a little article just let me know…

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