Writers Reviewing Writers

Recently, we stumbled across several old book reviews of now-classic books. That’s not unusual, of course; thousands of books are reviewed every year in newspapers and magazines across the country. Some of them are bound to become reader favorites. And yet what sets these reviews apart are their authors, bestselling writers in their own right who turned a writerly—or, rather, readerly, as writers tend to be voracious readers—eye to their colleagues’ contributions to the literary realm. Here are a few of our favorite excerpts, Continue reading

Stars in Our Eyes

VirginiaWoolfIf, as a kid, you were anything like us, chances are good that you wrote at least one effusive fan letter, a heartfelt missive brimming with admiration for your favorite actor, pop star, baseball player, or Mouseketeer. Now that we’re all grown up, we’re certainly not immune to the occasional celebrity crush. But here at Bas Bleu, writers are the superstars who make us go weak at the knees. Continue reading